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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Poetry is Cool

What use is a Poet
who doesn't say
'Shit' or 'Wank' or 'Piss' ?
What use is Poetry 
that doesn't shake the foundations of authority
but revels in linguistic superiority?
What are you writing about that pot plant for or a
 Haiku about the cat's whiskers?
Don't you realise that there are stereotypes and cultural
signposts to graffiti over?
Let's get outside the food banks and proselytize 
in the stairwell of Job Centre Plus
Let us write love poetry in our own excrement as they 
take us away to the cells.  
I wouldn't know a rhyme if it insisted on keeping time.
Dem are just rules dat de teacher told you!
 Damn Fool!
"Mi know mi fren,
Poetry is Cool"

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