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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Tower Blocks & Welsh Parliaments

The public housing projects influenced by his ideas have also been criticized for isolating poor communities in monolithic high-rises and breaking the social ties integral to a community's development. One of his most influential detractors has been Jane Jacobs, who delivered a scathing critique of Le Corbusier's urban design theories in her seminal work The Death and Life of Great American Cities.
For some critics, the urbanism of Le Corbusier's was the model for a fascist state. These critics cited Le Corbusier himself when he wrote that "not all citizens could become leaders. The technocratic elite, the industrialists, financiers, engineers, and artists would be located in the city centre, while the workers would be removed to the fringes of the city"

We awake to another tragedy. The day after John Bercow was flounced to his perch above the House of Commons to be congratulated by Theresa May on his landslide victory. The night she attends a football match in France and is feted by the French fans united with England in its recent terrorist attacks. Le Corbusier was a French architect who designed monolithic high rise blocks.  No blame attached from this blogger to the above mentioned but once again an example of social injustice. People should not be living in high rise blocks like sardines raised to the sky especially when safety concerns had been raised about this particular block in the past. The UK is being hit by tragedy after tragedy and the trajectory of democracy stops for only a few days for platitudes and the shaking of heads. Really, all Parliamentarians should be taken to the sites of tragedies and told to inhale the smoke, the gun smoke and feel the blood and detritus. Instead they hide behind security and sacrifice an unarmed copper for their safety and pay tribute to him at the state opening of parliament. They were desperate for us to vote for them and then they become the untouchables until they are assassinated by the alienated. 
"We cannot let them change our way of life"
"Shut the F**K Up because our way of life needs to change"
We are a profoundly sick society if we now proceed like a bowling ball waiting for the next defenceless pins to be knocked down. Time will tell if ISIL (Irony & Bad Taste Alert) actually claim responsibility for Grenfell Tower because they want to see people dead but who will claim responsibility for changing the name of the Assembly to the Welsh Parliament. It sounds grand but the name should be 'Senedd' one word like the Irish Dáil Éireann. Ok that's two words. It should also be in Machynlleth or Aberystwyth. If S4C can relocate to Carmarthen then our elected egotists on £60,000 a year  can codi pac and reach out to the rest of Wales. If Andrew RT Davies wants it changed to Welsh Parliament then return the Welsh Parliament to its original location, Machynlleth, the Mid Wales town could do with some investment and profile raising after the horrors of recent years. This blog will be read by the curious and bored and then ignored and nobody will do anything. We will all carry on as before because as Del Amitiri sang 'Nothing Ever Happens' apart from human tragedies.    

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